Billy Grieco, his wife and Connie Francis

From Billy Grieco Vice President ECMHOF:                                 


Reminiscing about last year’s Gala and the time my wife Marie and I spent with Connie Francis;

Marie and I had the distinct pleasure of escorting Connie Francis and her guests throughout her stay in Wildwood NJ for our 2019 Gala.  Connie is a pure joy to be with. What an honor it was for us to be with her during her stay.

Growing up in the 50s and 60s, Connie was our absolute favorite female singer.  We danced to her many hits at the CYO dances that we used to attend and listened to Connie’s music at our favorite soda shop. Back then If you had an extra ten cents you could play a song or if you were lucky enough to have a quarter you got three songs for a quarter.

I can remember – like it was yesterday – her recording of “Mama”. My grandmother had recently passed away and every time I heard that song, it tugged at my heart…

On the final day of Connie’s stay in Wildwood, we visited Cape May and had a fabulous lunch in the historic Gardens of Congress Hall.  After lunch, Connie wanted to stroll down the Washington Street Promenade, it was her first visit to Cape May… She asked, “Billy can we stop for ice cream?”  “Absolutely,” I said and proceeded to Uncle Charlie’s Ice Cream, a well-known ice cream shop along the Washington Street Promenade. 

Marie and I think about our visit with Connie often. We love her very much and still maintain contact with her today.  A lot of memories are made at East Coast Music Hall of Fame events and my story is one of them!