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Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of 9/11. Our friend Frank Pizarro, a retired New York City Firefighter, was part of the recovery team that was tasked to find the bodies of his fallen brothers in the rubble of the World Trade Center towers. Frank now lives in Las Vegas and he shared his memory of those painful days with TV station WLAS. 

In 2019, Pizarro purchased a retired 1991 Pierce Pumper fire engine from the Old Tappan Volunteer Fire Department in New Jersey as part of his new mission. He created a nonprofit called The Firefighter Memorial Transport to restore and retrofit the truck so it can be used to carry caskets of fallen firefighters across the country. Pizarro, 53, spends hours removing rust, fixing parts and painting the fire truck at Henderson’s Firetruck Unlimited, a family-owned company that specializes in refurbishing used fire engines.
Pizarro was a member of FDNY for over 21 years. You can help Frank with his mission by donating to his memorial fund

Congrats to the Doo Wop Radio team for a superb job of broadcasting live last weekend from Lead East. Joe Conroy, DJ Brad, and I were not able to attend as our flights were canceled due to the devastation from Hurricane Ida. You guys, and Queen, kept us in touch with all the happenings going on throughout the weekend. Thank you.

The music side of Lead East suffered due to the hurricane and Covid. Promoter Jim Durkin said the crowds were sparse and while he lost money, he was pleased overall with the three shows he promoted. He is already working on the groups for next year.  
Lead East organizers said they were thankful for those who were able to attend. They especially wanted to thank their volunteers for a job well done. We are all hoping things return to normal for next year's 40th anniversary event, September 1-4, 2022.

The Brooklyn Bridge had one of the greatest lead singers of our time in Johnny Maestro. They'll never be another Johnny but the Bridge found a terrific lead in Joe "Bean" Esposito. Going back to the Brooklyn Dreams, the original Planotones, backing the Beatles and singing with Donna Summer, Joe has had a remarkable career as you'll read in this interesting New Jersey Stage Spotlight article. 

Our Memory Lane  interview this week is with
Jay Traynor, the original Jay of Jay and the Americans and Kenny Vance, another original member of the group. Traynor talked about "She Cried" and the reason why he left the group. Kenny told Lane how they got to record "Only In America". 

Dootsie Williams was the owner of DooTone Records, an R&B label prominent in the 50s that some called the West Coast version of Motown. His label released some blues and jazz recordings before striking gold with "Earth Angel" by The Penguins. Here is the interesting story of Williams and DooTone from ket.org. 

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Linda Champion, a member of the Harptones from the early 70s until 1999, has passed away. She was with the group when they recorded their Ambient Sound album. Here is Linda doing Gee Whiz at the PBS SoundStage in 1982.

From Tom Garretson  With a heavy heart I have to share with you the untimely passing of Richard Zielinski.  Rich did most of the posting for the UGHA Ronnie I Site. He loved going to TNT in North Jersey, also to Sal G. shows at Town & Country in Keyport N J. Rich was a friend to us all & to the music.. He will be missed by all.

 All letters published as received
  Enjoyed  reading about the March birthday celebration of Fred Parris’s 85th. birthday.  The pictures were great too.
   This  reminds me  that I saw Fred Parris and the Satins (not Five Satins) in 1980  attending a  “Royal Doo-Wop” show in New York City when I was in graduate school.  At that time he  was down to three Satins, one a woman as I recall.   They were great, as I also recall.
   I’ve always  enjoyed The Five Satins’ recordings including the immortal “In the Still of the  Night” but also the less well-known ones including “Shadows” and, perhaps my favorite, “She’s Gone (with the  Wind).”   That last one is such a beautiful but haunting ballad.
   I’ve also enjoyed the wonderful  recordings Fred made  with the Scarlets.  “True Love” is simply outstanding and the  flip side, “Cry Baby” is a great rocker.  I know the Bonnie Sisters redid  it but the Scarlets’ original  is definitely the better version.     Nice baritone sax solo too.
   I saw in the picture Charlie Horner whose “Rhythm and Blues” show in Philadelphia  I used to regularly listen to while I was a student at Swarthmore College 1975-1979.   In  recent years I’ve corresponded  a bit with Charlie via e-mail.  I actually did meet him in person back about 1977  when he  together with the late Ronnie  I (Italiano) hosted a wonderful vocal group  program in Philadelphia.  Not in the photo, but I definitely remember Val Shively whose amazing R & B Records store I used to patronize during my college years as well.   So glad to know he is still in business after all these years.
   Congratulations to Fred Parris!   This relatively young fan (born 1957) still loves his music and I also still play Five Satins and Scarlets records on my weekly Golden Oldies show on WEGL – Auburn, Ala.
Tim Dodge
Camp Hill, Ala.

GF: You mentioned two of my favorite people, Fred Parris and Charlie Horner. Two giants of our music. 

I stumbled upon a huge
podcast project that includes a lot of doo-wop: "A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs."
Terry Price

GF: What a great site, Terry. Thanks for the heads up. I'm sure our subscribers will enjoy it. 

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The Wanderer will finally make its world premier at the Paper Mill Playhouse on March 24 in Millburn, NJ. Previously postponed due to Covid, the Broadway bound musical is based on the life and music of Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famer  Dion DiMucci. Tickets are now on sale. 

Joey Dee has a new book, Peppermint Twist Chronicles. This is so much more than a "rock bio". Julian Lennon says, "it's an explosive, revealing look at Rock & Roll through the eyes of Joey Dee, the man who was there to see it firsthand, on the ground floor. Joey tells of launching superstars and legends, a dance craze, mobsters, sex and 60's Rock & Roll in a good read that makes you feel as though you were sharing the journey with him." The book is available on Amazon.

A couple of items from long time contributor Frank B. First up is Gene Pitney's tribute to the Platters. Very nice editing job on this video. Frank is one of the foremost authorities and biggest fan of the Platters. Frank also tells me that there will be a new Gene Pitney book coming out soon.  And secondly. Frank found some things that went wrong in the studio!


Today we are featuring the music of The Viscaynes (ICG). First up "Guess I'll Be" from October of 1961. Second up is the flip side "Stop What You're Doing". The Viscaynes recorded under a number or names.  By a typo they became The Biscaynes on VPM Records.  They also recorded as The Vi-Tones and The Ramblers. The surprise element in the group, if you didn't know it already, is the group was put together by Sly Stewart or better known as the lead in Sly & The Family Stone.
The group comes out of Vallejo, California.  The family started out singing Gospel as The Stewart Four and recording as early as 1952.  The Viscaynes first release was on Tropo 101 in October of '61 $150 later on Arteen 1007 as The Vi-Tones 10/61 $300. The group is made up of Frank Arrellano, Maria Boldway, Charles Gebhardt, Vern Gebhardt, Charlene Imhoff and Sylvester Stewart aka Sly Stone.
Other monikers and labels Sly would record as were Biscaynes on VPM, Viscaynes backing Jasper Woods on VP, Sly Stone & Biscaynes on Subarro, Danny "Sly" Stewart on Luke and Sylvester Stewart on G&P. Lou Silvani states that there are alternate versions of today's record.  Enjoy……………….Ang
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The Variations 
"You Better Run"
One of the groups performing last weekend at Lead East was The Variations who reunited for the first time since 1998. They are best known for singing at Ronnie I's (UGHA) shows and recording for Ronnie's Clifton Records label in the late 1990's. The Variations are Cyndy Taylor, Ondine Appel, Debby Wilkerson, Lisa Constantine and bass/manager Tony Castro.
Thanks to Charlie Horner for this video. 
Here is a video of the group from a 1996 UGHA performance. 

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The Toppers "You're Laughing 'Cause I'm Crying" Live – 2002
This one’s a killer!  The Toppers/Hurricanes/Memos (Original bass Vernon Britton and baritone Frederick Williams with tenor Cornell Brown, lead George Green, and keyboardist-musical director Roger Anderson) perform the Toppers' 1954 Jubilee release, "You're Laughing 'Cause I'm Crying" for a P.O.R.C.C. audience in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in March of 2002. John Kelly sang lead on the original recording.

Eugene Church "I Ain't Goin' For That" Live – 1992
Performing at a Doo-Wop Society of Southern California concert on February 23, 1992 in City of Industry, California, Eugene Church (1938-1993) sings his 1959 Class release, "I Ain't Goin' For That", joined on stage by Gaynel Hodge, Richard Berry, Tony Allen and Bobby Day's Hollywood Flames.

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