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Wishing all of our Ramblings Dads a Happy Fathers Day. Thanks for all you have done!

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I want to thank subscriber John Mattei for sending me this terrific video that Larry Kane of KYW TV in Philadelphia produced about the Philly Doo Wop sound. It features Lee Andrews, the Butlers, Perfect Blend and Moments Pleasure. This was obviously done a few years back as Andrews died in 2016 but it was just recently posted on YouTube. Enjoy!

Lane Quigley's interview this week is with Big Jay McNeely who was known as King of the Honkers for his sax playing prowess. Johnny Otis gave him his big opportunity when he introduced him to Herman Lubinsky at Savoy Records. 

Herman christened McNeely “Big Jay,” not because of his size, he was 5-foot-10 and of average build, but because of his outsized talent. He was one of the most flamboyant saxophone performers as he would blow laying on the stage. While he was known for his "honking" sax work, he also recorded "There Is Something On Your Mind" on Hunter Hancock's Swinging' label. It reached #5 on the R&B chart in 1959. The song is included at the end of Lane's interview.

Tom Kelleher, the founding member of The Magic Touch, made his final performance with the group on Friday night. Tom, who was the group's comedian, is moving to Florida ending a 30 year run with the Westchester, NY acappella quintet. It was the first time back on stage for The Magic Touch in 15 months. Here is Tom at a 2009 performance doing the lead on Over & Over Again. We wish him good health and no hurricanes in his move to the Sunshine State. 

Throughout the pandemic, our good friend, Norman Fox has been entertaining us with the music we love. The Rob Roys lead singer and founder is back again with a song he wrote about having gone through the difficult times of COVID 19. 

Congratulations to Moses Snow who finished third in the Tupelo Elvis Festival that concluded last weekend. He sang "Heartbreak Hotel" in one of the qualifying rounds. The 19 year old Snow has been doing his Elvis tribute for five years. He's also been selected as one of the Heart Of The King Horizon Award winners that recognizes the best of the Elvis tribute artists. He will accept that honor in August during Elvis week in Memphis.  

According to Frankie Valli the Jersey Boys TV project is back on and will star Nick Jonas. The project, which will be shot in Cleveland, is being kept under wraps but Valli revealed that he spoke to Jonas about it and was told they are moving forward.  A big screen version of the musical was released in 2014. Jersey Boys is a musical biography of the Four Seasons, their rise, the tough times and personal clashes and the ultimate triumph that led to rock 'n' roll stardom.

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Lou Rallo lost his battle with cancer, passing away on Tuesday night. Lou was an avid record collector from Rhythm and Blues, 50s Rock and Roll, Doo Wop, Jazz, Gospel and Soul. Once a week, for over 20 years, he hosted The Big Beat Radio Show on WRSU Rutgers. His archived shows can still be heard on the internet. In lieu of flowers, a donation can be made to the Lou Rallo Scholarship For the Arts & Music to be awarded to a graduate of the 2022 class of Long Branch High School where Lou taught. He was a true friend to the music and will be missed.

 All letters published as received

Hey Glen,
I saw the story of the Crystalairs and Ed Engel yesterday!! Thank you so much and it is always a pleasure to watch your newsletter. Thanks you for keeping the music alive!!! 
We stay in touch!! If we can do fomenting for you always let us know.
Take care and all the best from Dortmund, Germany
Claus-Peter Niem

I am not an Easterner.  Instead, I am Southern Illinois and my connection with the greatest music ever came from 300 miles away and the great Dick Biondi and WLS.  Reading about the exclusion of Johnny Maestro, I never seemed to understand the "why".  If personalities, black balling or whims of the nominating committee, are the reason(s), I would have to question whether a nomination would actually be an honor.  Someone should be forced to give a public explanation.  Where are they?
Richard Woods

GF: Sadly, we probably will never get an answer to that question, Richard. Johnny's brother, Ron, is keeping up the battle to have someone, anyone on the committee take notice. 

Re the passing of DJ Tom Shannon, I still have his jingle in my head: "Tommy Shannon Show, KB Radio…." Here in South Jersey, in the late 50's we would search for out-of-market radio stations (AM, of course), and finding WKBW spread around school. Of course, that station produced some greats like Dick Biondi.
Terry Price

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This week Norm talks with Frank Fox an original member of Vito & the Salutations who recorded a number of Doo Wop classics. 

From that file of those wonderfully obscure songs…
here's "Sugar Mama – Peachy Papa" 1954 by Percy Mayfield with Joy Hamilton. Hope you dig it!
Ron Farber

The Music Authority


Paul Salvage
"Ebb Tide"
Paul Salvage is a talented singer, songwriter from the UK who does over 40 voices including Billy Joel and Bobby Hatfield.
In 1992 he won the Granada Televisions Stars In Their Eyes as Bobby Hatfield of the Righteous Brothers singing Unchained Melody and Ebb Tide. He even has the look down. 

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Harvey Fuqua & Moonglows "The Beating Of My Heart"/"When I'm With You" & "Ten Commandments of Love" Live – 1995  
Original founding member and second lead Harvey Fuqua and the Moonglows (Gary Rodgers, Gene Kelley and Pete Crawford) perform a medley the group's 1956-57 ballads, "The Beating Of My Heart" and "When I'm With You" in concert in 1995. "The Beating Of My Heart" was originally a duet between Harvey and Bobby Lester. Bobby sang lead on the original version of "When I'm With You". Gary Rodgers sang bass with Bobby Lester and his group beginning in the late 1970s and led the group after Bobby's passing in 1980, reorganizing the lineup with Kelley, Crawford and others until his own passing in 2005. Harvey Fuqua, the last of the original members, closes the set with his original lead, “Ten Commandments of Love”.  He died in 2010.
The Del Vikings "Cool Shake" Live – 1995  
The Del Vikings (Original members Norman Wright and David Lerchey with Ritzy Lee (joined 1959) and Horace "Doug" White (joined 1960) perform the group's 1957 Mercury release, "Cool Shake" in a 1995 concert. This performance was transferred from the original VHS tape shared by my friend Ritzy Lee from his collection. Wright, Lee and White worked as a trio for many years and would be joined by Lerchey on special occasions such as this one. I remember some of this performance was shown on WLIW in New York-New Jersey before the big Doo Wop 50 concert- the two biggest hits and I think “Sunday Kind of Love”.  This was apparently an outtake.  David died in 2005; Norman in 2010. Ritzy passed in 2020.
**P.O.R.C.C. Pittsburgh Old Record Collectors Club

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