The Harptones are an American doo-wop group, which formed in Manhattan in 1953 The group never had a top forty pop hit, or a record on the US Billboard R&B chart, yet they are known for both their lead singer Willie Winfield and their pianist/arranger, Raoul Cita. The Harptones recorded for various labels, including Coed Records. The Harptones may have been the first doo-wop group to number a full-time arranger among their members, and Cita knew how to work to Winfield's strengths. 
Their best-known recordings include "A Sunday Kind of Love" (1953), "Why Should I Love You?" (1954), "Life is But a Dream" (1955), and "The Shrine of St. Cecilia" (1956).
In 1956, they recorded some songs for the film Rockin' the Blues: "Mambo Boogie", "Ou Wee Baby", and "High Flying Baby".Willie Winfield…the major lead voice of the Harptones has been with the group from the beginning 1953.His vocal rendition of sunday Kind Of Love made the group an overnight success. Through the years he has continued to amaze audiences with hid silky smoothness. Willie is still the first tenor for the group. The song "Life is But a Dream" was featured in the 1990 film GoodFellas, and can be found on the film's soundtrack.