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Don K. Reed, “The Do-Wop Shop”, WCBS-FM 101.1 New York | February 5, 1989

WCBS-FM's Don K. Reed

Courtesy of Contributor Frank Davis.

Looking back, its amazing that one of the most popular programs in the history of the legendary CBS-FM was cancelled in 2002. But, considering the plans being formulated in the formerly smoke filled upper rooms of CBS Corporate brass for the future of WCBS-FM, its understandable.

The first incarnation of Saturday night Oldies with Do-Wop music occurred in 1969 on WCBS-FM. It was shortly moved to WPIX-FM as WCBS-FM was in the middle of it’s “Young Sound” format. The show would return to 101.1 FM in 1975 and would remain as a staple of WCBS-FM programming until its abrupt cancellation in 2002. The program host who held that position the longest was Don K. Reed.

Don K. Reed

The Do-Wop Shop was a one of a kind program, with it’s own, Do-Wop style WCBS jingles, even special jingles sung for the show and Don K. Reed. It was a show featuring original 1950s Do-Wop style hits, Do-Wop artists and plenty of songs that may not have ever seen airplay but that fit the shows format. Even in the 1990s, during the time that this aircheck was recorded, Reed would utilize a turntable to play many of the rarities heard on this show. Even during this era it was very rare to hear record crackles and scratches but that was part of what was the legend that was the Do-Wop shop. Frequently, there were guest musicians in the studios, lengthy interviews and the occasional letter read on the air. And then, there were the callers, whom Reed would warmly receive on air to play their requests or even listen to a story relating to some Do-Wop act or club. This was a one of a kind program that simply can’t be recreated.

Don K Reed's DooWop Shop back on the air on Internet Radio!! Right now!!


For those NY'ers who used to listen to Don K Reed's DooWop Shop on CBS-FM and really miss it, it's on right now (every Sunday from 7-9) on Belmonts Internet Radio. That was probably my favorite show, radio or TV, and couldn't wait till Sunday night to listen.