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Robert K. Belniak, left, of Agawam, and Gary M. Jones, of Chicopee, the driving force behind the New England Doo Wop Society. (The Republican file photo)

The New England Doo Wop Society brings another show to the Castle of Knights in Chicopee on March 5. The evening will include a buffet along with performances by Ronnie & the Satellites, Memories of You, and the Excellents.

It continues a tradition of great local shows honoring the vocal groups of the past that began seven years ago.

“I formed the New England Doo Wop Society with my business partner, Gary Jones, in the fall of 2003 and our first show was at the Holiday Inn in Holyoke on March 27, 2004," said Bob Belniak, the society’s president. “The show was sold out, standing room only, and we quickly realized people wanted to see this type of entertainment again. Since then, we have moved our shows to the Castle of Knights.”

Belniak and Jones had a simple and common vision when they decided to put their group together.

“For anybody over the age of 50, this is the music of our lives,” said Belniak. “The music is simple and pure and people love to dance and sing along with it. We are a non-profit and our goal is to preserve, encourage, promote, and showcase vocal group harmony from the 1950s and 1960s. ”

The Society has over 180 members and the organization has promoted shows in Worcester, Six Flags in Agawam, and this year will branch out to Connecticut and possibly New Hampshire. Collectively, they are civic minded and charitable as well.