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Meet The Whiptones!

Mike "The Master" Mastellone


Mike sings lead vocals, falsetto, and occasionally tenor. An avid 50's fanatic, he loves everything about the time including the music, the cars, the style, and the way of life. His father introduced him to oldies a few years back, and he fell in love with them ever since. Some of his favorite singers/groups of the time are Dion and the Belmonts, Jackie Wilson, Roy Orbison, The Duprees, The Platters, and Jay and the Americans. Walk around a 50's car show with him, and you will either be amazed at his vast knowledge of the field, or want him to shut up (most likely the latter).  A junior at Boston College, Mike loves singing in the BC Heightsmen Acappella Group and BC Jazz Ensemble.

Matt "Sir" Korzen


Matt sings baritone and falsetto in The Whiptones and has delved deeply into music over the past several years. He has a vast knowledge of piano and music theory, which he uses to add his own flair to The Whiptones takes of  classic doo wop tunes. Besides arranging and jammin' on the piano, Matt plays tenor saxophone, guitar and keytar, fools around on the drums, is rumored to be an expert on the kazoo, and can blow a nasty trumpet.  A junior at Lehigh University, Matt is involved in various Lehigh jazz ensembles.  He also plays tennis, swims, and lifeguards at his town pool during the summer months. 

Derek "Ritz" Ritschel


Derek sings baritone and second tenor in The Whiptones and has been involved in the performing arts as an actor, singer, and instrumentalist. He enjoys playing soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone. A junior at The University of South Carolina, Derek plays alto sax in the USC Marching Band and sings in the USC Gospel Choir.  Besides his musical interests, Derek enjoys bike riding, ultimate frisbee and traveling.   

Brad "The Bass" Ritschel


Bradley is the "Bassman" of The Whiptones. A freshman McDermott Scholar at the University of Texas at Dallas, Brad plays oboe, baritone saxophone, and some piano he learned from his grandmother just for fun. Besides his musical interests, Brad plays tennis, swims, and enjoys making YouTube videos.