The Tokens are an American male doo-wop-style vocal group and record production company group from Brooklyn, New York. They are known best for their chart-topping 1961 single, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"  Billy Reid ia a member of the doo wop group Jay Siegel & The Tokens. Siegel says he then did some research on "wimoweh" (which is traditionally spelled "mbube.") His findings: "This is what they used to chant when they went on a lion hunt. The basic meaning of the song is that when they went on the lion hunt, if everyone was very, very quiet, the lion would sleep and they'd be able to make their kill. And then everyone would have lion meat in the village for the next three months. That's the story of what it really meant. So our producers at RCA wrote a lyric to it."  Jay Siegel and the Tokens have also produced many American pop classics, including The Chiffons, “One Fine Day” and “He’s So Fine”, Randy and the Rainbows, “Denise”, Tony Orlando and Dawn’s, “Candida”, “Knock Three Times”, and “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”, as well as “I Got Rhythm” and “See You in September” by The Happenings.

As well as being performing and recording artists The Tokens were also record producers. Here are some of the records they produced:

Original Tokens

Current group
Jay Siegel's Tokens
  • Jay Siegel (original lead vocalist)
  • Bill Reid
  • Kurt “Frenchy” Yahjian (replaced Jay Traynor after his passing January 2, 2014)
The Margo Brothers' Tokens
  • Mitch Margo – Lead Vocals, Guitar (died November 2017)
  • Phil Margo – Vocals, Percussion
  • Jay Leslie – Vocals, Horns
  • Mike Johnson – Vocals, Keyboard
  • Noah Margo – Drums
  • Ari Margo – Guest Performer, Vocals
  • Damien Margo – Guest Performer, Vocals, Drums