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A Juke since 1998, Chris plays trumpet, flugelhorn and arranges horn parts. He stands in the middle of the horn section and wonders why John and Neal are moving in different directions. He is married to the incredible Julia Rodriguez and he has 2 great offspring, Elena and Marcos. Fun Fact: Chris founded New York Horns in 1997 with fellow Juke John Isley—and their 1st EP generated 350,000 downloads in 1999-2000. Their current CD features many of your favorite Jukes.

Glenn aka "The General", plays guitar and is Johnny’s Rabbit cooking accomplice. He is single and always on the lookout for the future ex-misses Alexander. He has one daughter Oria, who performs with him in a duo and also with his band Glenn Alexander & Shadowland. Glenn likes to live off the land as much as is possible, hunting & fishing for meat and gardening, freezing and canning as much produce as possible, as well as making hot sauce, salsa and dried pepper.

Southside Johnny Lyon is the leader and co-founder (with Little Steven Van Zandt) of the New Jersey-based band Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. He reads a ton, travels a lot and enjoys bird watching. He is not a big fan of mingling.

Bassist John Conte has been been providing the low end for the Jukes since 2008. John lives in the heart of Lower Manhattan with his wife Lisa and son, Leonardo. John is big fan of NYC tap water and public transportation, and—to quote Ian Hunter—“he makes a nice cup of tea".

John is the saxophonist, multi-woodwind player, and general tech geek. He's the guy everybody brings their iPhone to, to figure out what's wrong with it… Married to Lisa, they share their all-too-damn-small New York City apartment with their two kitties, Oreo and Yoda. When not touring the world, John spends his spare time trying to build a better mousetrap for his EWI (electronic wind synth – see, GEEK!), and searching for little white balls in the woods, next to golf courses.

Jeff is the band's Musical Director, and plays the Hammond B3 organ & piano. As Johnny's songwriting partner and co-producer, he's proven to not be afraid of confrontation. Jeff is married to Constance and has two daughters, Vassileia & Sophia. He's a Cincinnati Reds, Bengals, New York Knicks, Rangers and Ohio State Buckeyes fan. He enjoys golf and hopes to break 80 once again soon.

Trombonist Neal's musical mottos are "confidence and simplicity" and "only a real man can wear clogs and still get laid". Proud to be an American. Proud to be a Juke. Recommends the Honda CRV—batteries, brakes and tires are all you need. His daily routine includes scooping cat sh*t and raising a young American. God bless.

Tom “Goose” Seguso is the drummer for Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes, holding down the drum chair since 2010. Tom is native of White Plains, New York and a graduate of Iona College. Currently holds the "Dick Weber Award for Bowling Dominance in the Jukes" award. He has a family of four and will golf just about any day of the week.