Edie has been singing professionally for over twenty years. During that time, she has performed at weddings, in clubs, and in adult homes. In addition to that, she spent several years working in community theatre. It is because of her extensive experience in these venues that Edie can bring great versatility to any job that she is asked to do.  Edie has a wonderful rapport with people, and understands the importance of respect to her audience in regards to both appearance and performance.

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Today's Del Satins: Charles Aiello, left, Tom Ferrara, Edie Van Buren, Stan Zizka and Emilio Zizka of Patchogue is one of the original members of the Del Satins, a doo-wop group from the late 1950s that had its most successful years in the '60s. Photo Credit: Sonny Maxon. Zizka heads up Tangerine Music with Aiello, Van Buren and Joe Ferrara, the local group when the Del-Satins aren’t performing.