Frankie & The Fashions


Frankie & Fashions Bio

Frank Lafaro has been writing and singing doo wop songs all his life, but 2018 marks the 65th anniversary of the formation of Frankie & the Fashions, his first group to make recordings.  Frankie & the Fashions sang locally before going into the studio to record “Funny Girl” early in 1964.  The record remained unreleased until 1992 when Frank put it out as a 45 on the 49th Street label.  As detailed in the lyrics of Frankie & the Fashions’ song “Lost Masters.” Frank Lafaro was inspired to dig out the old acetate and release it, by Charlie Horner’s radio program.  Charlie had a segment on his program that featured old “lost masters” that were finally coming to light. Charlie played “Funny Girl” on his radio show and Frank and Charlie have been friends ever since.

The group’s killer signature song is entitled “What Do I Have To Do”.

Frankie &The Fashions

For 55 years, Frank Lafaro has been one of the cornerstones of doo wop music in Philadelphia, singing with Frankie & the Fashions, Billy & the Essentials, the balladeers and several other groups.  He has written and recorded over 100 original songs and recorded a dozen or more 45 RPM records on various labels plus over 20 CD albums.