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Tom grew up in the suburbs of New York City – when he was 8 years old his father brought home an old upright piano and Tom discovered he was able to play by ear.  He would spend hours playing and soon began studying piano and guitar.  He started exploring other instruments like drums and bass while becoming extremely fascinated with multi-track recording – he built his first recording studio in the 6th grade making recordings of himself playing all the instruments.    After High School, Tom entered The United States Air Force earning the highest musical honor, 'The Roger', for an arrangement with a quartet that he performed in Las Vegas where Joey Bishop and Jimmy Durante presented him with the award.  After being discharged, he, along with a former high school band member and Air Force singing partner, were signed to 20th Century Fox to record an album. 

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They would go on the release a Buddy Holly cover song which charted at #48 in Billboard.  After the group disbanded,  at 24, Tom would go on to produce his first album for an up and coming solo artist while playing many of the instruments on the album at the then famous Criteria Recording Studios in Miami.  His fascination for orchestral instruments soon drove him to study woodwinds, brass and viola by age 30.  Within the next 5 years Tom started a production company with an in-house studio and begin to produce, write and arrange on recording projects.

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  He began writing for TV and radio advertising and in the early 90's, Tom started scoring for various TV projects and studied with Oscar winner film composer, Joe Renzetti.  By the late 90's Tom had written for his first independent Film and by now had composed for numerous TV and radio projects for such networks as CBS, The Speed Channel, PBS and music libraries.  In early 2002, Tom began writing for a Children's Television show called "Kid Fitness" and has since scored his 2nd independent film, "Hell On Earth".  In 2008  he came out of the studio after 20 years and became arranger and musical director for 60s recording artist, Emil Stucchio and The Classics.  Today Tom owns and operates his production studio from Bohemia, New York where he continues to write, arrange and produce.

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