William Howard, a native of Bristol, Tennessee, is a veteran crooner in his own right, has been entertaining all his life. William, known as “Smoke,” gives the Ebonys’ sound a raspy edge and soulful body. Smoke’s rugged voice is part of the powerful sound that distinguishes many of the Ebonys songs. He is the co-writer of The Ebonys last released CD, in 2003, titled “That’s Forever.” Smoke has remained busy; he is the lead vocalist on the hit single, written and produced by Vincent Montana Jr., titled “That’s What Love Does”. In 2010, Smoke produced and co-wrote many of the songs on his first solo released CD entitled “Give Me Your Heart”. The title song was written by Marvin & Melvin Steals. Another song from the CD titled “In The Mirror” features world-renowned Bassist Gerald Veasley.